How do I update or change my information?
If you made a mistake on your registration or if you need to update or change your information, simply fill out the registration form with your new information. Once your new registration form is processed, it will replace your old information.

Can I register multiple businesses?

You may register as many businesses as you have currently licensed.

How long will it take before my business information is available on the directory?

In periods of high volume of registrations, it may take up to 1-3 business days for your new information to be processed and made available online.

Can I opt out of the directory?

Yes. Contact Summit County I.T. if you would like to be removed from the directory.

Why is my business not included in the directory?

Your business may not be included if you are not licensed or located within Summit County.  Or, your business may be temporarily unavailable if your registration has not yet been processed.

My business was visible earlier, but I can’t see it anymore.  What does this mean?

Your entry may be momentarily unavailable while we are updating your information or making a change to our database.  If this persists for several days, please contact IT.

Will I need to do this every year?

No. After you add your business once, you will not need to do it again and it will stay on our directory so long as you are licensed.  If your business was removed but you are still licensed, please contact I.T.

Can I put my business in multiple categories?

Your business may be included in up to 3 categories. Please contact Summit County I.T. if you would like to add your listing to additional business categories.

What if my business does not fit into any of the categories?

If your business does not fit into the categories provided, please choose Misc. Services, or if you prefer to not use a category, you may choose Uncategorized. If you would like a category to be added that would better describe your business, please contact Summit County I.T.

Who do I contact for business directory related issues or questions?

Emails may be sent to businessdirectory@summitcounty.org or you can call Summit County Information Technology, 435-336-3201 for further assistance.  Office Hours: MondayFriday, 9am-5pm.

 Who is eligible for a Summit County Business Directory listing?

Any business licensed within Summit County, Utah is eligible for a directory listing.
I don’t have a logo but I do have a photo of my business. Can that be used in place of my logo?

Yes, that can be included that as a thumbnail image (approx. 350x350px). Please send the photo as a .jpg file.