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Batt Electric, Inc.

Commercial/residential electrical wiring

Main Tel: 435-640-4515     
909 S West Hoytsville Road    Coalville, UT   84017    Map

Behr Electric Co.

Main Tel: 435-901-8298     
5 Hidden Splendor Ct    Park City, UT   84060    Map


Main Tel: 435-658-2629     
5337 North Bridle Circle    Oakley, UT   84055    Map

Boltco Electric, Inc.

Main Tel: 801-520-5779     
5715 N. Doc's Ln.    Oakley, UT   84055    Map

Canyons Electrical Services

Main Tel: 435-645-8284     
5174 Heather Lane    Park City, UT   84098    Map

Captain Electric Utah

I started on my own as an electrical contractor in 1988 with a little Toyota sedan and a ladder sticking out the back window. I found out fast that customers are interested in a good deal with an honest person. That was the theme of my career then, as it is now.

In 1992, we moved our business to Orem, Utah outside of Salt Lake City. I soon identified the problems that customers were having with contractors. To my surprise, a lot of complaints were easily remedied with a little care and concern. I started Captain Electric, LLC with the idea that I would revolutionize customer service in the electrical industry.

1510 West 400 South #3    Orem, UT   84058    Map

Chesley Electric, Inc.

Main Tel: 435-655-0382     
6421 N. Business Park Loop, #G    Park City, UT   84098    Map

Connected Electric, LLC

Main Tel: 435-647-6697     
9575 Silver Creek Road    Park City, UT   84098    Map

Freeman Electric, Inc.

Main Tel: 435-783-6476     
4330 No. New Lane Road    Oakley, UT   84055    Map

High Definitions

Main Tel: 435-783-5840     
5750 North Franson Lane    Oakley, UT   84055    Map

Jim Soter Electric, LLC

Main Tel: 435-783-4462     
2685 North SR 32    Kamas, UT   84036    Map

Kupferschmidt Electrical Services, Inc.

Electrical system install and service for homes and businesses.

Main Tel: 435-615-1442
724 E. Division St.    Park City, UT   84098    Map

Lifestyle Electronics

Main Tel: 435-615-1515     
2078 Prospector Ave    Park City, UT   84060    Map

Mark Davis Electric

Main Tel: 435783-5701     
4135 No. New Lane    Kamas, UT   84060    Map

Olsen Electric

Main Tel: 435-649-6083     
2214 Comstock Drive    Park City, UT   84060    Map

On Top Solar and Electric

Solar and Electrical Installations for Residential and Commercial Customers

Main Tel: (435) 565-1606
155 Aspen Drive    Park City, UT   84098    Map

Paul's Electric Service, Inc.

Main Tel: 435-783-5790     
1077 West 4960 North    Oakley, UT   84055    Map

Summit Electric Service Inc.

Main Tel: 435-783-5736     
4070 North Millrace Rd.    Oakley, UT   84055    Map

Sunus Solar

We install residential and commercial solar electric systems.
We do wire residential remodels and commercial remodels
We wire new construction electrical projects
We evaluate electrical loads and come up with cost saving measures such as lighting upgrades

Main Tel: (801) 316-3112
3100 pinebrook rd suite 2350    Park City, UT   84098    Map

Ursus Electrical Services

Main Tel: 435-640-0713     
2175 Comstock Drive    Park City, UT   84060    Map